Tell the Members of Parliament about your concern

Parliament’s vote on Motion 312 took place on September 26, 2012.

Although it was defeated, 91 members voted in favour of re-examining Canada’s legal definition of human being.  (The current law does not recognize children before birth as human beings, and gives no reason for this distinction.)

All Party leaders—including the Prime Minister—opposed the motion.

When we asked our MPs to vote in favour of M-312, we promised we would stand behind them.  Since this motion has been framed (erroneously) as an attack on women’s rights, in many cases the MPs who stood in favour of it did so at the expense of their own popularity.

Please take a moment to send a note of support to the MPs—especially Cabinet Ministers—who voted “yes” to this common-sense motion.  Copy it to the leader of the member’s Party.

Tell them you will continue to press Parliament to address this important issue of justice.  Inalienable human rights belong to every biological human being, and must never be revoked by the State.

Below is a list of all MPs who supported Motion 312.  Full contact information for all MPs can be found here.

Conservative (copy to Prime Minister Stephen Harper)
Cabinet Ministers
Diane Ablonczy
Rona Ambrose
Julian Fantino
Ed Fast
Jason Kenney
Peter Penashue
Gerry Ritz
Gail Shea
Peter Van Loan
Alice Wong

Harold Albrecht
Mike Allen
Dean Allison
Stella Ambler
Rob Anders
David Anderson
Leon Benoit
Candice Bergen
James Bezan
Kelly Block
Ray Boughen
Garry Breitkreuz
Gordon Brown
Lois Brown
Patrick Brown
Rod Bruinooge
Blaine Calkins
Ron Cannan
Colin Carrie
Micheal Chong
Rob Clarke
Patricia Davidson
Dean Del Mastro
Barry Devolin
Earl Dreeshen
Royal Galipeau
Cheryl Gallant
Nina Grewal
Richard M. Harris
Laurie Hawn
Brian Hayes
Russ Hiebert
Jim Hillyer
Roxanne James
Brian Jean
Randy Kamp
Ed Komarnicki
Mike Lake
Guy Lauzon
Pierre Lemieux
Wladyslaw Lizon
Ben Lobb
Tom Lukiwski
James Lunney
Colin Mayes
Phil McColeman
Rob Merrifield
Larry Miller
Rob Moore
Rick Norlock
Tilly O’Neill Gordon
Ted Opitz
LaVar Payne
Pierre Poilievre
James Rajotte
Brent Rathgeber
Kyle Seeback
Bev Shipley
Kevin Sorenson
Brian Storseth
Mark Strahl
David Sweet
Lawrence Toet
Brad Trost
Merv Tweed
Dave Van Kesteren
Maurice Vellacott
Mark Warawa
Chris Warkentin
Jeff Watson
John Weston
Rodney Weston
John Williamson
Stephen Woodworth
Terence Young
Bob Zimmer

Liberal (copy to Liberal Leader Bob Rae)
Jim Karygiannis
Kevin Lamoureux
Lawrence MacAulay
John McKay

Peter Goldring

4 Responses to Tell the Members of Parliament about your concern

  1. Patricia Attwood says:

    Do you have a more exact date for the vote for Motion 312? I would like to know exactly how much time we have.

    • notyetborn says:

      Dates are never set in stone, but currently it appears the second hour of debate and the vote will happen soon after Parliament resumes sitting in September. It could be as early as the week of September 17th.

  2. Alissa says:

    Did no NDP members vote in favour of the motion?

    • notyetborn says:

      Correct. All NDP members commit to taking no action that could in any way interfere with the State-granted right* to elective abortion in Canada. Since passing M-312 would have obliged Parliament to consider the human status of children in the womb, the motion was seen by the NDP as being incompatible with the Party’s ideology.

      Elective abortion may be defined as the willful killing of a child before birth, by the child’s parent(s) or others, due either to (1) a disregard for the child’s inalienable human right* to life or (2) ignorance of the child’s biological human status. (Note that abortion when the mother’s life is endangered is not termed elective. The woman’s right to life is not trumped by that of her child.)

      Elective abortion is legal in Canada during all nine months of pregnancy.

      *For an explanation of the difference between inalienable human rights and rights granted by the State, see this comment.

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